Mulu Monsters Part 2

Part 2 of Mulu Monsters - this time we look at animals with 6 and more legs. Remember our very first blog post - be prepared, not scared.
Butterflies! We saw so many ranging in size...
...and ranging in colour!
Butterflies need salt, which is why they are often stopped
on pathways, bags, and people's clothes - they love sweat!
The ants were up to 2.5cm in size.
Lantern Bug - 
named as such because they look like one.
This was a weird beetle.
Huge antennas
Dead cicada on the open-plan restaurant floor.
An unidentified insect and a stick insect on the night walk.
Katie put her hand on this - damn rail insects!
Another one we almost put our hands on.
This stick insect was about 20cm long
Another huge brown one.
An even bigger one.
This stick insect was insane! It was like a fat,
brown, spiky log around 30cm long.
Next up are grasshoppers.
This one was big but it slightly hidden by its shadow.
This was 10cm long and mega fat! Our guide had never seen
one like this before.
Now for some centi/millipedes...
Lots of legs...
...and colours!
Cave Centipede - it's sting is as deadly as a pit viper's bite.
These furry caterpillars sting you if you touch them.
The sting can cause discomfort and a rash.
Some can put you in hospital.
Cave spider... and let the nightmares begin!
Katie almost trod on this bad boy.
Symmetrical Water Spider
They keep getting bigger...
...and scarier!
This spider had a 20cm leg span and a 10cm body!
And just to ease the fear a bit, here is a lovely butterfly
we saw on the night walk - very beautiful!