Weird & Wonderful: Borneo

Get your dried seahorse! Two for one!
An advert recommending you don't die from diabetes
and "feed the ants."
Cheap Petrol in Brunei. This was the supreme unleaded and 
cost around 25p per litre.
Green rice. It tasted okay.
She sells sea shells...and it's quite immoral really.
"disturbing items"
Amusing signage above our bed...
How did they get a photo of Dave before he even arrived!?
Good job Adam and Eve weren't staying.
Who needs seats?
Proboscis monkey's erection!
Orang-utan's balls!
Yep! They're doing it in front of everyone. 
It turns out Borneo has more in common with Thailand 
than you might expect!
So that's how you use a toilet! Thank god for the instructions.