Wired & Wonderful: Vietnam

Notice the clever retitling of this post - that's 
because Vietnam is mad for wiring. Seemingly 
millions of wires hang from every orifice.
Street lamps disappear behind a tangle of wires.
An abandoned piss-bag-drink left by a tramp?
Real elephants' feet apparently
Birds doing it doggy style
Yep even more wires...
Not one of these fools still plays for Arsenal
Is that a willy?
Beer on moped - don't drink and drive
Ice on moped - this is how diarrhoea starts
Going in for the kill...
Chickens on moped - do they count as free range?
Real hair!
Crazy Buddhas!
We saw a few of these shops, which only sell milk
The Vietnamese currency is called dong
Poor Babe
Roadside chicken outside hairdressers
This one had a megaphone telling
everyone to be even noisier!
Cave formation at Ha Long - a "canon"...yeh, sure
A floating tuck shop