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Wonderful Comparison Tables of Nations (SobCoe Tables)
China vs Korea vs Japan

Weird Foods We've Eaten
Chicken's Feet (South Korea)
Crocodile (Philippines)
Dog (Dish here, Dog farm here - South Korea)
Snake (Vietnam)
Toilet Themed Restaurant (Taiwan)
Whale (South Korea)

Wonderful Foods We've Eaten
Aboriginal Themed Restaurant (Taiwan)
Baba Guling / Suckling Pig (Indonesia)
Juicy Duck - Chinese style (China - Beijing)
Taiwanese Street Food (Taiwan)
The Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant In the World (Hong Kong)
Weird & Wonderful Korean Food (South Korea)

Weird & Wonderful Finds
Korean Supermarket Freebies (Post 1 & 2)
Korean Technology (South Korea)
Vans (Post 1, 2, 3, 4 & Xmas Special)