Rio Carnaval 2015 Part II

Last time we showed you pictures and videos of these two schools parading their way down the Marquês de Sapucaí street. The next school to perform was crowned champion out of the 12 samba schools that made the finals, albeit not without controversy!

Another African themed float and apparently there are some disputes and questions being asked about the funding and finances of this samba school. Corruption in Carnaval! Russell Brand needs to get on it.

The only topless woman we saw...

The three invaders of Africa: Spain, France, and (cough) England...awkward...

These guys were full of good ideas!

União da Ilha
This was mine and Katie's favourite school. The parade was called "Pure Beauty?" and it rocked our world. See if you can recognise some of these famous icons.

Snow Black!
The human centipede?
The Samba Dwarves!


Harvey Dent?
Mona Lisas!

The Ugly Duckling from Ugly Betty.

Can you see the Hulk!?

Creatine = Cretina (genius!)
Hint: He died on the toilet.
Donnie Darko?

Lips, legs, bums, and tits!

Jean-Luc Picard having a facelift!