Costa Rica In My Mouth

First buffet plate during the Orosi Valley tour.
A plethora of traditional dishes. All very fresh and tasty!
Round Three at the buffet!
Plantain fritters! These are called patacones.
Guacamole, salsa, & red beans! Yum
Main Course: Seabass with sauce containing mussels, shrimps, and octopus.
Very tasty topped with some crispy noodles.
Dessert. Mixed fruit shake.
Big fan of the shakes!
Mexican quesadillas fast food. All this for £5.
Typical dish I got at lunch while working in San Jose.
Costa Rican Lemon Beer
Breakfast with salsa sausage.
Prawns and mussels in a garlic and lime sauce. The fresh seafood was the best part of Costa Rican cuisine.
Ceviche. Prawns, octopus, mussels, etc "sort of" cooked
in the acidic lemon juices. Very tangy!
Grilled Octopus Salad. A lovely healthy dinner!
Gallo Pinto with scrambled egg. Typical Costa Rican breakfast.
Dave sized portion
Costa Rican Beer: Nice enough but
nothing to blog home about.
Not as nice as Pilsen but still drinkable
Scallop served on polenta. The foam was delicious. Excellent and pricey starter from Grano de Oro.
Red Skate: Cooked brilliantly.
Almondy meringue. Delightful.
Cafe Britt: Coffee flavoured liquor
My final meal was a chicken burger and sweet potato fries.
There was limited choice in the airport!
But I did get an Oreo Haagen Daaz Shake