Rio Carnaval 2015 Part I

Before we start, we have written a series of posts. The first three posts on Carnaval describe what we saw during the main parade at the Sambódromo. We also made a short highlight video of our experiences.

The Sambódromo is an arena that hosts the main carnival parade in Rio. It's the parade that everyone has seen photos of, with the elaborate costumes and the even more elaborater floats. Our next few blog posts are going to contain the photos and videos that we took on the second day of the show. Twelve samba schools entered in the competition and they each had an hour and a half to impress the judges and hopefully be crowned champion.

We went on the second day (Monday 16th Feb) to see six samba schools battle it out to their own catchy samba tunes. The marathon event was spectacular and we hope we have captured the magic for our loyal readers to enjoy.

Sit back, relax, scroll slowly, and soak up the flamboyancy of it all!

São Clemente
This parade was about a man who was very afraid of various mythical Brazilian creatures and the floats brought these legends to life.

There's a man hidden in there!
Nice Arse!
Better Arse! Brazilian Arsenal Fan!
These were dancers but real sweepers came and cleared up the mess after each parade

"ImaginaRio" was a portrayal of the city we are growing to know and getting to love. The next parade started with a group of flying men as depicted below:



Come back soon to see the next two schools, one of which (Beija-Flor) was the winner and the other (União da Ilha) was our personal favourite.