Borneo In My Mouth

Mulu Park restaurant - noodles and veggies.
You can't really go wrong with this classic.
Another day, another Laksa. Definitely the best one. 
Looks like a lime, tastes like an orange.
Who needs that kind of confusion in life?!
Sate, satay - however you spell it, it's always delish.
Lemon chicken - too sour, too sweet, too bad.
Nasi katok = rice with fried chicken.
An obvious winner, especially with a spicy sauce.
Arrack Kok Pun. Only 8% but when mixed with
coke, it tasted like rum and did a rather
good job of acting like it!
Gills on grills.
Left: Very sour green papaya salad. Lovely!
Right: Fish salad that tasted like pickled herring. Lovely?
4 jumbo prawns and a huge tuna steak. Freshly caught,
freshly cooked, and for a very fresh price of just £4!
Seafood and noodles - wet.
Dave ate this for my birthday lunch.
Chicken and noodles - dry. My birthday lunch.
I washed it down with a lovely ginger tea made from leaves
picked in the plantation we were gazing over. Delightful!
Mee Goreng = fried noodles. A very broad name
for a very varied dish. More hits than misses though.
Noodle curry with chicken and tofu. Quite hot,
and very tasty. And I can't get enough of those
tiny calamansi limes!