Weird & Wonderful: Bali and the Gilis

Monkeys doing it doggy style by the monkey forest in Ubud.
Bizarre prohibition list.
This shop was a bit gross...
We had some lovely tea & coffee and a fried 
banana in a coffee plantation in Ubud.
Here are the dried coffee beans...
This is the fancy, shmancy way of making the world's 
most expensive Luwak coffee...
...from these beans...
...that have been shat out this civet cat's arse! Delish.
Traditional medicine for HIV... Sure....
Massive Gervinho like fish!
Cool idea for a lockable umbrella stand - think I prefer the
giant Korean condom idea though. But maybe there's a lot

of umbrella theft on Bali.
Talking of condoms, remember kids, safety can be fun!
Condoms for virgins. God knows why they sell them in 3 packs.
Crazy dragon kite shop.
The Gene Simmons of masks... This is freaky!
So is this guy!
Huge Starfish
Our Children of Bodom bike rocked!
Inflated currencies are taking their toll on my wallet.
Erm... You have a little fly on your head!
Strange dead spider being eaten by ants.
Planning a murder? Rent Spear Gun here.
For all your Nazi narcotic needs.
Tsunami warning sign...3 meters from the beach...
I'll take two.
Field of spiders!