Mulu Monsters Part 1

We have written about the activities we did in Mulu National Park (Day 1, 2 and 3), but we decided to leave the majority of the weird and wonderful nature that we saw for two, special posts. We saw so many different things that the best way to separate them was by the number of legs (or limbs...but not counting tails). Here is the first instalment - Mulu Monsters, 0-5 legs.
Please note: We didn't actually see anything with 5 legs...
...but we did see something with one foot! 
Introducing...the Mega Snail! 
A hammerhead worm? Or maybe a leech...weird.
We spotted this catfish on the night walk.
An Asian Bird of Paradise.
We were lucky enough to see a male wooing a female.
Shhhh! The forest is full of sleeping birds at night.
This bat was hanging out with us on the night walk.
He loved the attention!
We saw many different types of squirrel...
This one was had a white belly.
Here you can just about see the tiny, brown pygmy squirrel.
Its body is about the size of your thumb!
This frog was mid croak. And boy, are frogs noisy!
This large toad followed us home.
What a lovely little green tree frog.
This little fella was only an inch long!
Another noisy neighbour - check out this lizard!
Check out this lizard!
Is there a gecko in here?
This is a close-up of a twig.
Notice the different-sized ants crawling on it.
How did this picture get in here?
After days of walking through the
damp rainforest, Dave's athlete's
foot was really playing up.
Do you have any hobbies?
I collect photos of spores, moulds, and fungus.
It's not just the creepy crawlies you have to be careful of...
Beware of the spiky branches!

And just so you don't have nightmares tonight,
here is a picture of a pretty flower.