Our bus from Penang arrived in Melaka three hours earlier than expected, leaving us stranded at a closed bus station, miles from the town centre, at 4:30am.

We headed into town and wandered around looking for a hostel. Our first impressions of Melaka (at 6am) were good – it seemed quiet, peaceful and a beautiful place to kill a few days.

We found somewhere to stay so dumped our bags while our room was being sorted out, and went exploring.

The town was full of tuk-tuks that looked like
Alan Titchmarsh had joined forces with Xzibit

The obligatory China Town
Katie fell in love with this building.

Melaka is quaint, pretty, and a delightful place to spend a few days. We didn’t do much besides eat cheap Indian food, relax, and wander around the town at night. It was really nice to just chill out, especially after the constant moving of the last few weeks. The guesthouse we were staying in was fantastic, and we took full advantage of the air-con in our room by hibernating there during the midday heat.

When we did leave the comfort of the room, it was to explore the night market and walk along the waterfront. The market was really spacious and have quite a posh feel to it, despite still being cheap. We ate some lovely satay and bought some fake Ray Bans. 

The dragon guards the entrance to the famous Jonker Street Market.

The walk along the river was really quiet and peaceful, and the artwork on the buildings was very interesting.

And that about sums up all we did was just what we needed.

Costs (per person)
Penang to Melaka Overnight Bus = 47 MYR (£9.50, $16)
Melaka Guest House per room with AC = 50 MYR (£10, $17)
Melaka to Singapore Bus = 27 MYR (£5.50, $9)