Malaysian Penisula In My Mouth

This is just a quick note to say that we both really loved the food in Malaysia. The variety was great, and the Indian food was phenomenal. Beef Rendang with a side of okra was my favourite of the Malay selection...
Pick'n'mix lunch - Rice, okra, beans, aubergine,
spicy green mango salad and beef rendang. Delicious.
Soupy noodles with prawns in a soy based sauce.
Fantastic, mega cheap street noddles called
Mee Goreng (meaning fried noodles)
I love the chillies they have in Malaysia. They're 
pickled but crunchy and add a great tang to
most dishes - I went a bit nuts and ate so many!
Weird and unwonderful drink called Cendol.
Very popular in SE Asia, made from coconut 
milk and all sorts of weird jellyish extras.
The wonderful lunch bought for us by our 
wonderful hitch-hosters. Delicious eggy tofu and 
a plate of various mushrooms...  
Sweetish/sourish pork and a vegetable that 
is apparently only available in Malaysia, as it 
dies before it can be transported anywhere.
We can't find anything online to back this up, 
but have heard it from several people.
Claypot chicken. This had a lovely, earthy, tea-like flavour 
and the small portion was enough for 2 people - brill.
Assam Laksa. The one food in the world that Dave won't eat.
It's apparently very famous and popular, and maybe we just
got a bad batch, or perhaps the Assam element was where
we went wrong but regardless, it was foul.
Dave: "It smelt like the vomit of someone who had
been eating stinky tofu"
Laksa take 2 - this time, not assam, and not as bad.
However, Dave still didn't like it and blamed the mint leaves.
Chicken Satay - just like the best satay
you've ever had at home. We were expecting
it to be different to what we know, but 
it was just an wonderfully improved version.
Wantan Mee - noodles in soy sauce, with pork, spinach and
crispy fried wantans - a fantastic noodle dish, especially
once we added those lovely chillies!
Prawn fritter with shredded cucumber and onion, 
served with a sticky, spicy sauce. 
Dave assures me it was great.
Kuay Teow - flat rice noodles, stir fried with egg,
onions, bean sprouts and prawns. 
Dave raved about this for hours after 
he had licked the plate clean.
Nyonya chicken curry. A deliciously coconutty, spicy sauce 
with juicy chicken pieces. Served with rice, an egg and a 
very typical Malaysian side of nuts and dried anchovies.
Otak-otak - fish cake grilled in a banana leaf. I saw a little
boy wolf this down with a look of delight in his eyes,
and Dave confirmed it was delicious.
Mint-choc-chip ice cream in an egg cup.
A special kind of satay. We chose sticks of
beef, chicken, prawn, liver, quails eggs and
some unidentified fishy slices...
And boiled them all together in this wonderful, spicy, rich,
nutty satay sauce. A Melaka speciality that was amazeballs.
Noodles with cockles!

And now for some long-awaited INDIAN FOOD!

INDIAN FOOD! It had been so long since we had
a decent Indian and this tandoori chicken with daal,
chicken masala and naan did not disappoint.
Banana leaf meal 
The best thing to get from an Indian restaurant.
Heaps of rice, served with daal, sauce, and 5 or 6 other 
veggie and meat dishes. Great value and never a bad choice.
Tandoori chicken set with chana masala - 
what more could a girl ask for?
Another banana leaf meal - looks amazing, and tasted it too!
Jalebi! Words cannot describe how I felt when I took my
first bite of this wonderfully sticky, sweet memory.
The guy in the shop must have thought I was a loon!
Roti Telur, which is a kind of Indian bread with egg.
Served with daal, it makes a perfect breakfast meal
and costs 50p, at most!
Another variation on the roti. It was rolled and
stuffed with a mildly spiced potato and carrot
mixture - so cheap, and so good!