Weird & Wonderful: Hong Kong

Blimey, she's a bit forward!
I don't understand number 4...
"...some stay dry while others feel the pain"
I've heard you either love or hate this restaurant.
Bamboo scaffolding!
They cut these fish so the hearts are STILL BEATING,
apparently keeping them fresher for longer.
Cabbage bouquet.
Who's recycling their rubber duckies?!
Clearly they have gone out of style in HK.
Double-decker tram!
As if trees weren't insecure enough!
The vans have come full circle!
No paraphernalia for what?!
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me...I think I'll go eat worms.
Tee hee...fanny.
No bombs on the bus? What is the world coming to?!
Wax on. Wax apple.
Funky, lucky incense spirals.
Nuff said.
"No climbing into giants' ears"
It's Jamie Redknapp!