Weird & Wonderful: The Philippines

I took a sip, and I just 
squizzed in my pants.
The KKK?
This was in the middle of town...not under a cliff.
The University of Perpetual Help -
the degree that keeps on giving.
Basketball themed tomb in the Chinese Cemetery
She must be from Yorkshire.
Hanging smoked bats?
Filipinos parade the coffin around town so
everyone can say goodbye. We saw this twice!
But will they lay rainbow eggs?
Roadside Hog Roast!
How do you clamp a bison?
Why did this log get invited to all the parties?
Because he's a FUNGI!
Islands for sale, costing from
£220,000 to £440,000. Tempted?
It's got my surname in it!
Tricycle full of plants...
Five people inside too!
Mr. F!
Butterfly the size of a small bird
Pineapple bush - never seen one of these before!
Fractal Fern.
The green room
No matter how many markets we visit,
we still find new strange things...
Banana flowers
Red bananas
This shop turns people into Spock!