Hong Kong In My Mouth

Our trip was fleeting. 
We prioritised eating.
We ate some Dim Sum.

One fantastic meal that we had was actually at Hong Kong airport...
Dry noodles with pork sauce. Spicy, nutty. yum.
Roast duck and noodle soup.
Dave thought this was "incredible".

While exploring the city, we followed our noses to some other delicacies too:
Disappointing and expensive dim sum.
Not off to the greatest start...
Delicious beef in a gooey peanut sauce with wide, flat rice noodles.
Spicy and yummy chicken in fish soup.
Amazing beef and fish with veg.
Some of the best Japanese food we've had!

The meal Louise and Ray treated us to - Northern Chinese cuisine.
Dead tasty pork dumplings.
Fantastic beef rib soup with glass noodles.
Lamb cooked in loads of cumin - it tasted quite Indian!
Flaky pastry sesame pockets.
Dave made a mess eating these!
Top class Kung Pao chicken

While in Hong Kong, we decided to treat ourselves to our first taste of Michelin star food. Of course, in true SobCoe style we did this at the world's cheapest Michelin star restaurant. We arrived 45 minutes before the place opened, and still had to wait another 40 minutes to get a table.
Let's have a look at the menu:
While we waited, we made our selections...in hindsight, we were a little ambitious.
The queue before it even opened!
It's not an obvious place (aside from the queue),
so here's what to look for if you decide to try it out.
Baked bun with BBQ pork.
Unbelievable and probably our favourite thing. The dough was crisp,
soft, sweet and buttery...and the BBQ pork was tender...mmm...
Vermicelli rolls stuffed with BBQ pork, and beef.
Definitely the weakest link. Pretty bland and took up
valuable stomach space...NEXT!
Steamed dumplings chui chow style.
This was our mystery order, as we had no idea what they were.
But wow. Sticky on the outside, crunchy, fresh and nutty inside.
A contender for the top spot if you ask me!
Deep fried dumplings with meat.
Crisp batter, not too greasy, with sweet meaty goodness inside.
Steamed fresh shrimp dumplings (ha jiao).
The shrimp were really fresh and the chewy outside was a great
contrast to the crunchy filling. Simple and elegant.
Deep fried spring roll filled with beef and mushroom.
Fantastic. The filling was delicious and the pastry was crisp.
WARNING: Contents of the roll may be hotter than they seem.
Steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce.
The meat was tender and very garlicy.
Dave loved this while I was a little less impressed.
Tonic medlar and petal cake.
A home made, firm jelly, with a subtle sweet and floral flavour,
that had bits of flower in it. Weird, but surprisingly good.
This gargantuan meal (of which we left enough for a lovely midday snack later on) came to a whopping £15 ($22)...TOTAL! The restaurant itself was cosy and humble (read: cramped and drab) but we highly recommend the experience, if you are willing to get up early and queue at 9am!

The food in HK was pretty darn good, and there looked to be a good selection of international cuisine too. All in all Hong Kong seems to be a foodie heaven and left a lasting impression in our mouths.