Taiwan In My Mouth: Toilet Seat Food

I know what you're thinking but yes, we did eat more! Unlike the last two Taiwanese food posts though, this one is just about one restaurant that we visited in Taipei. 

Anyone visiting Taipei should check this place out because trust me, urine for an interesting night. Having said that, the food didn't move me, and if we lived there we wouldn't be regulars. We were disappointed by the lack of pisstashio ice cream, but the meals were big enough to fill a hole and we only spent a penny, it was so cheap. 

Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. I hope they're okay because there was a bit of farting around while we were taking them but I think we came up trumps in the end.

The outside of the restaurant:
"Taipei Modern Toilet"
Can you guess the theme?
My bowl of beef curry. The food was actually just average,
but it's worth a visit for the novelty as it's not at all expensive,
especially if you get the set meal.
Dave's beef hotpot, complete with prawns, clams and fish cake.
It took Dave a while to get over the presence of seafood,
since all he really wanted was beef. Poor guy.
Our chamber pots of tea.
Who wants to lick the bowl when I've finished?
Once cooked, Dave's meal became a much more apt colour.
That bath looks so clean you could eat off it!

And then came dessert...

Our couchsurfing host joined us for ice cream.
To anyone not familiar with Asian bathrooms,
this mammoth chocolate ice cream concoction
is served in a squat-john style toilet.
Our set menu came with a main, drink and a
more modestly sized ice cream for dessert.
It got a bit confusing when I needed a wee,
but luckily I remembered my seat wasn't
plumbed and so headed to the real toilet.
Of which there is only ONE per floor. 

I honestly couldn't believe it when I saw it.
A restaurant full of toilets and yet
the only usable one is a squatter?!
Oh but the sink is a proper one,
so that's fine! So bizarre. 

Sadly the food didn't agree too well with Dave,
and so the circle of life is complete.
(He didn't really vom, that's pot-pourri!)