Taiwan In My Mouth: Seat Food

By far the best food that we ate in Taiwan was while we were standing in a bustling night market, or walking down the street. However on the rare occasion that we decided to be seated for a meal, we weren't exactly disappointed with what we ordered. Here's a look at the rest of the things we gorged ourselves with:
Neo Ro Mein - beef noodle soup.
The broth was a tad bland but
the meat was tender and tasty.
Top: A truly decadent peanut butter cocktail.
Bottom: Fragrant gin & rosemary combination.
Stinky tofu soup (centre) - extra spicy.
No where near as edible as the fried street version.
I almost forgot about this Taiwanese steak - 
the final feast on our night of market binging.
Basically a Taiwanese steak is a sizzling hot plate,
with a steak, fried egg, veggies and spaghetti, all
smothered in either pepper or mushroom sauce.
Not bad for a grand total of £2.50! 
Standard Chinese restaurant, where we
ate various mediocre veggie and rice
dishes. Sadly nothing at all special.
Sushi. Not exactly Taiwanese but it was actually our first 
experience of a conveyor-belt restaurant and it was cheap.
Conger eel sushi.
Second oyster omelette: "This one was better"
We ate in an aborigine restaurant in Taroko gorge 
and drank rice wine out of cute wild boar cups.
The food we had is in the next two pictures...
Top: Bitter melon soup (naff), sticky rice in a bamboo 
stick (standard), fried boar skin (unusual)
Middle: Pickled chillies, greens, boiled sweet potato
Bottom: Talapia in sweet soy sauce (yum), mushrooms, salsa
As above, but with lovely pork ribs rather than fish.
All in all a delushious meal.
Yellow water melon?! Don't mind if I do!
Interesting decor in and around the restaurant
Weirdest dumpling thing ever. 
Looked like a breast implant, tasted like pork and 
honey, sprinkled with garlic and coriander.
Taipei 101 food court food.
Dave got a bulgogi-esque dish. Rather tasty.
I got another steak. Top middle is a bowl of "soup" 
with a sheet of puff pastry baked on the top. 
Interesting idea but horrible soup. 
It tasted like watery custard.