Weird & Wonderful: Taiwan

Here is a collection of all the strange signage, technology and other misc things we encountered - enjoy!

Interesting traffic warning...we thought it was a real
person until we were about 2 feet away!
This is so true, it is unreal!
Is the cubicle free? Let me consult this handy guide.
Who goes to a park to dry their clothes!?
Don't gesture towards turtles.
Bird on head.
When have you ever seen this happen!?
Turtle for dinner?
Rat for dinner?
Scary Taroko Warnings.
You can never have too much gash...
"The rabbit and banana leaf assemble an auspicious decorations"
...There were no rabbits or banana leaves.
Transformers: Playgrounds in Disguise.
I want to go there!

Here's some weird and wonderful from our last few days in Seoul.

Tax museum - what the heck!
Please Sir, I want some more!
Is that Borat in the DMZ?
Tell it like it is!