So long, and thanks for all the fish

To all the unsung heroes of Korea, including the nice lady that served me fried snacks, the midget in grade 1 who always made me smile, Dave's Sodomy where 3 litres of beer was £4, Red Horse, the friendly local mart husband & wife, the world's fastest broadband, the scantily dressed K-girls in Ghetto, the countless taxi drivers who have taken me home when I should have been taken to a hospital, the mini-skirts, and finally to the bunch of English teachers reading this that didn't mind the world's longest sentence...

Here are two haiku, inspired by my year in Korea: 

I'm leaving Busan
With memories of good times.
No thanks to soju.

I will miss Busan.
Sun, sand, soju, samgyeopsal.
I won't miss kimchi.

Korean children are so very happy!
Copyright in Korea = nonexistant
Ms. Lonely perfume...I reckon it smells of cats.
Bland bakery - really enticing
Katie's apartment building on fire!
We'll miss drinking out of bowls...
We'll miss our attentive students
What on earth is "a elvan plate"?!
Legolas would know...
We'll miss Korea's drunks
Same same saem!
Emergency vehicles lack any sense of emergency
We'll miss being told where to get off
(and transfer)
We'll miss buying books from vending machines
We'll miss shopping underground...
...and the weird mannequins
We'll miss the hours spent deskwarming at school
Diagonal zebra crossings will be a mere memory
At least we can use our trumpets when we leave!
We won't miss dogs in bars
We'll miss the competition of table football
Dave will miss his pink toaster...
...and white grape soda
Dave's neighbour's clothes smell a bit fishy
Transformers buildings! Buildings in disguise!
So long Korea...
and thanks for all the fish.