Laos In My Mouth

Noodle soup with beef, tomatoes and onions.
The broth was a bit bland but it was a good, hearty meal.
A dead spicy salad of tomato, cucumber and onion.
This shake was made with locally grown
mulberries...and a lot of banana.
Laap - probably my favourite dish in Laos.
Minced beef with fresh mint and lots of
chilli, served with sticky rice in a basket.
Spring rolls, naturally. But sorry Laos,
Vietnam has won the spring roll competition.
An amazing noodle soup with minced pork and loads of
fresh herbs, chillies and lime to add as you wish.
Sausages in bags! One of these was dead spicy and
made from those big bison looking things we keep seeing in
the rice fields. It was ok, but not great. We got them on
a fantastic food street at the Luang Prabang night market.
Amazing food and shockingly cheap - the plate was 80p for
as much veg and noodles as we could fit on it, and the
fresh, grilled fish was an extra couple of quid. 
This weird fruit is a bit of a mystery to us. We had to google
a description to find out what it is. It looks like a potato on
the outside, but the flesh is soft like an over-ripe pear.
It has a flavour like pears cooked in brown sugar and
according to the net it's called a sapodilla.
I reckon it would be great in a crumble with some tart apples.
Delicious chicken skewers that we ate while watching
the silly tubers do their tubing thing.