Cambodia In My Mouth

Beef loklak with rice and a fried egg. Huge portion, dead
cheap and very tasty - I loved when the runny
egg yolk mixed with the rice.
Pineapple fruit shake made creamy by adding
raw egg white. I hope we don't get bird flu!
A fantastic, spicy beef salad from a fancy restaurant.
Dipping sauces in cute little banana leaf bowls.
Fisk amok (the signature dish of Cambodia),
served in a coconut bowl. Delicious!
It's similar to Thai curry, but a bit lighter and
traditionally served with fish.
Sweet pineapple and coconut spring rolls. Rich, but yummy.
We were entertained with some traditional
music and dancing while we ate.
Indian food!
Lemon and pepper crayfish by the beach.
Topless BBQ chef, cooking come huge shrimp.
We got an insane amount of garlic bread, salad,
barbecued ribs, steak and more for just $5!
To my horror, I managed to eat almost all of it!
Barracuda steak with chips - what a fantastic fish.
Cambodia style tapas - pork meatballs with peanut sauce.
Fish in caramel sauce.
Squid with Kampot pepper. This is one of the
best peppers in the world and is eaten like a
vegetable. It has a wonderfully mild flavour.
Wonderful beef on a hotplate, with ground pork noodles.
This was from a Chinese restaurant in Siem Reap.
Khmer fish curry. Very similar to amok, but not quite as nice.
We ate at a wonderful restaurant in Siem Reap, called Haven.
It's an organisation that takes children off the streets and
trains them to cook, so they can develop useful, employable
skills. Dave got the cashew nut chicken which was great. 
I got lemon and ginger chicken which was really delicious.
Pure gluttony. The biggest plate of bangers and mash I
have ever seen, with practically a while tin of beans!