In a previous post we showed you a fountain which could write words. That was kinda cool – a bit unusual perhaps. It was epic David, let's not sell it short. Well this time we bring you the world’s largest fountain the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain. It's the same one we went to before, when it refused to turn on, making it the world’s largest disappointment. Well this time we went and it turned on and it was awesome – the world’s largest turnaround…

After the show it turns into a free-for-all
The fountain plays music and squirts water in time with the tune, while also providing a light show. What more could a human being want!? The most entertaining thing since sliced bread was on X-Factor.

I have to add that if you thought The YMCA was a big gay anthem before, then hearing it while watching a syncronised, rainbow-coloured fountain makes the original performance look as straight as...well ok, not straight, but it's twice as camp in fountain-form, trust me. Anyway, I think during my family's visit to Busan, both fountains ranked very high on James' highlights list.

55m High Stream
After exploring our fave sites in Busan, we (Pascoes+me) decided to go on a road trip to Gwangju and a nearby town called Damyang – famous for its bamboo forest.
There was bamboo.
And more bamboo.
There was a fake panda and bamboo!
There was also a pleasant lake in the middle (with bamboo).
Spying on a Korean Woman Through Bamboo
Butterfly (no bamboo)
All in all Damyang was a decent adventure and it was nice to tick another Korean city off our to-do list - the Korean city being Gwangju, where we stayed the night and visited the lovely bus station, which is basically all we saw. That and a giant lotus flower.
You're forgetting the best bit! The 5 of us (me, Dave, Mum, Dad and James) all stayed in a Love Motel! We crammed into one room, where we slept on the floor, accidently stumbled upon numerous porn channels, and slept under the red glow of the spot-lights in the ceiling. What a lovely family trip it was :)