Koreastmas Vans

The vans are back baby. It’s Koreastmas time so I decided to give out some Koreastmas cheer in the form of a van blog. I’ve been collecting photos in the build up to Koreastmas in an attempt to build a festive themed blog that explains how vans are essential to having a good Koreastmas.

The first stage of Koreastmas is selecting a good tree to sit in your living room and this van helps with that.
Delivery not included

This van doesn’t have a large / any selection but it does have a tree that your children will never forget. They’ll never forget it because you’ll have to knock down your living room wall ceiling to get this in your house. Also, it isn’t actually a Koreastmas tree.

If you’ve managed to forget to buy any presents, do not stress because the gift van is here just for you.
Buy a prepackaged gift to give to your love ones. Sorted.
Disclaimer: Prepackaged gift may contain raw fish.

Need an emergency gift for the forgotten child that your cousin has? Try this van out for size.

Get some sparkly dresses as well.

After stuffing ourselves with Koreastmas dinner, we all tell ourselves that in the new year we will shed the weight - well here is a van to help! Kick start your post-Koreastmas exercise regime today and help yourself to stop looking like chubby old Santa.
Running Van

I would love to try one of these while on a moving van. It’s the closest I would get to being Usain Bolt / T1000.

So we’ve got our gifts and tree, and we’re in shape so what else do we need?! The most important thing: food. Here are some handy Koreastmas ideas for you to try.

What about some shrimp? I hear seafood is getting more popular at Koreastmas.

How about mussels?
Who wouldn’t want a bag of stinky mussels dripped all over their carpet on Koreastmas day?

Forgotten your vegetables? Fear not! This vegetable van will help you out.
It wouldn’t be Koreastmas without a few roast potatoes – yum yum yum!
So we have food, gifts, a tree and we’re all in shape. Well Koreastmas time is the time for adventure so this is where the candyvan comes in.
Stand in front of this van and say “candyvan” three times and you will be greeted by the Candyman. A true Koreastmas adventure.
Not this Candyman but the owner of the van (pictured) who has a terrible temper on him and a strict no loitering policy.
John Candyman
And now we are all set for Koreastmas, so enjoy the festive season and don’t forget about the true meaning of Koreastmas: A young man called Jesus who dressed up as a fat man and gave out gifts to children...Or something like that.