I scream, you scream, Korea screams...

...for ice cream!

In the depths of winter, I have been casting my mind back to the hot, sticky days of summer. It was horrible - far too humid to be considered humane. The only thing that kept us going was ice cream.

Ice cream in Korea is brilliant. Most of the time. And cheap. Oh so cheap.
We wanted to photograph and write about every one we tried this summer but we reached an average consumption rate of approximately 2 ice creams a day...each, and it was simply not possible to keep up!

Here are a select few:

(Please note: ₩500 is approximately 30p)


Possibly one of the best ice creams -
a cookies & cream ice cream bar.
A steal at only 
500  !
It's always a risk going for something that looks
like chocolate because there's a chance it could
be red bean...but this wasn't. A simple wafer
outside and chocolate ice cream inside.
Nothing special, and a bit pricey at 
This one is brilliant. An ice cream sandwich with
cake, rather than biscuit, for the outside layer.
This one was vanilla but I have since discovered
the far superior cookies & cream one.
A bit of a treat though, because it's 
This one is, as my students would say, so-so.
Vanilla outside, layer of chocolate and then
vanilla again. Not amazing, but only 
and most importantly, cold!
In true Korean style, this one is meant for sharing.
It's a lovely rich chocolate fudge ice creamy thing
with two sticks. We had to wait a bit before it
was soft enough to split in half and then
neither of us got as much as we wanted -
500 but you can get more for 
your money buying 2 separate ice creams.


Cones are cones are cones.
You know what you're getting with a
cornetto style ice cream so I just have
one to tell you about.
This cone had a lovely treat in the middle
- a kit-kat finger! Brilliant.
Cones are more expensive though,
usually at least 
1000, maybe  2000.


We once saw a documentary while on a coach,
that was about Korean ice cream and apparently,
this one is actually harder than your teeth!
Watch out! I'm not a fan of melon flavoured things
but this was ok. And only 
₩500 - can't complain!
Genius. Watermelon ice lolly that looks like a slice
of watermelon! The "seeds" were actually bits of
nut and the flavour of the ice was spot on.
And the price? Yup, 
Jeju is famous here for it's delicious oranges and
I am a big fan so this ice lolly gets lots of points
from me. Cold, refreshing and a real orange 

flavour. Note the size difference between
wrapper and lolly though - typical Korea!

All for a mere  ₩500!

And Finally...

Dave loves ice cream.