As we have mentioned many times, my family (Mum, Dad and brother – or Shaz, Gaz and James, as Dave likes to call them) came to visit us in the summer and we showed them around some of Korea.
We started with what we think is the most essential trip when visiting Busan - Jagalchi Fish Market (again). This was my third time there - not that I minded. We wandered around the outside stalls first and down a pedestrianised street right next to the main building. This street was heaving with people and strange fish, and Katie’s fam were beginning to feel like they were in a scene from Alien. There were also some delicious looking cooked fish on offer.
But we weren’t to be stopped by such street-food temptations. We were going to choose our own fish and cook it upstairs in the main Jagalchi building.
The walk through the nearby street had prepared them somewhat for the sights and horrors they would see in the main building. Gaz entered and was overcome by the number of sellers and the exotic things on display.
But again, we didn't stop because hunger was callng. But with so much on offer, how would we find the right fish for us?

With our fish and shrimp chosen, it was time for James and I to watch the gutting.

We sat down and had a lovely meal that Katie will talk about in a future blog. Now we had filled a hole, it was time for the family to explore. James was intrigued by the volume of dried fish on the second floor.
But the ground floor is where the real shocks are.
Glass Fish??
Colourful Fish
Even the Koreans won't eat this!
After we eventually left Jagalchi, we took a short walk to Nampo Market. We wandered and wandered and eventually James bought a t-shirt.
"Unfortunately, the psychic was not Batman" - riiiight.
Afterwards we went to see a musical fountain in the Lotte Department Store (still in Nampo). This fountain is very special because it can display writing in water – ahhh technology. The department store is expensive but worth the trip for a sit down and coffee while watching the fountain, and the fact that the toilets have free mouthwash – awesome!

We left and tried to find Busan Tower. It’s quite easy - you just look up.
While Katie’s family wandered around Yongdusan Park and Gaz took hundreds of photos, Katie and I watched, and took photos of Gaz taking photos.

They then went up the tower while we relaxed and took some pics from down in the park.
The day finished with a nice stroll through Nampo at night and then, of course, some more eating.
What a fantastic day - we all had a blast!