Dijon - Strong like the mustard

After having a wonderful time at Jen and Patrick's wedding, which Katie wrote about last time, we both visited the nearby city of Dijon.

We only spent a few hours there but similar to the Lads Tour de France, we explored enough of the city to get a good feel for it.

I'm becoming a big fan of French cities - they are so delightful to walk around and take in the pretty buildings. The quaint streets of Dijon just kept surprising me and there were a lot of these wood-beamed buildings like in Rennes.

We also spent a fair amount of time marvelling at the old churches that littered the city. Our friend's son, William, was with us and after we went to a fairground ride, he gave us a perfect excuse to buy an ice cream!

Our visit was short so this post must be too, but enjoy the photos and we'll see you soon, back in Spain launching tomatoes at one another!

William could not wait to jump in the fountains, even though he had no change of clothes!

We followed these around town, much to William's delight. 

The lovely streets of Dijon

The crew exploring...