Weird & Wonderful: Romania

There are so many weird things about this painting, especially when you consider
it was on the wall of a church!

When we were on the cliff-top with Alex we spotted this in the water below - a snake swimming to shore with a catfish in its mouth! Very cool!

Peles castle is apparently very popular with bears...

And we did spot this tree which looks rather bearish!

Bran Castle housed a few oddities, including this Iron Maiden...

...this very real bear-skin rug, complete with glass eyes and huge claws...

...and this chair which looked like it was vibrating!

This strange sculpture at the fortress in Fagaras was interesting. That poor wire horse seems to be
struggling under the weight of the wire man. What a mesh!

The saddest sculpture of a man on a church!

We spotted this house on the side of the road and were curious about what happened. I think the
responsibility finally got too much for the roof and it just gave up, literally buckling under the pressure.

Katie was a fan of this funky oil and vinegar bottle,
and resisted the urge to sneak it into her bag.

Here's another shout-out to this delicious wine,
complete with a naked lady on the label. Perfection!
One of the many carriages of the Roma people in Romania.

This freaky doll collection scared me!

Very cool and odd looking photos promoting trans rights.

I'd love to see someone out with this half-half look. Very bizarre.

Nature can be simultaneously weird and wonderful, as demonstrated by this severed snake's tail, which was still wriggling on the pavement as we watched. It may also have been some kind of lizard of salamander, but that remains a mystery as there was no sign on the rest of the creature. There was a very guilty looking cat hiding in the bushes nearby though. 

When we got in the boat for the delta tour we saw hundreds of discarded insect skins in the water - gross.

So as not to give you nightmares about severed tails and skinless insects, we'll leave you with this picture of a beautiful green beetle. It was crawling around near the big Brasov sign, and if you hurry he might still be there!