Peleș Castle

After the greatest road in the world we arrived in Pitesti, which was a convenient place to stop but turned out to be a bit of a shitty town, besides a rather regal-looking branch of Zara. But it was good enough to rest our sleepy heads for a night before hitting the road again and heading to Brasov, via Peles castle.

This was one of the more boring days of driving we did, probably because we were still reeling from the beauty of the day before, but also because the views included power stations like the one below. We did see some horses and carts on the road, which was funny because of the stereotypical nature of it all.

As soon as we started to climb the Capathian mountains towards Peleș castle though, the views became much prettier and we stopped at a nice restaurant for lunch. It took an hour to get food, which was annoying because I was hangry and there were only five other people there. Regardless, I managed to sufficiently rest my weary driving bones before continuing towards the castle.

I knew Pele's football career but was unaware that he had built a castle and ruled in Romania in the early 1900s. Pretty good going for a footballer from Brazil. The castle was very intricate and fantastic to look at. We didn’t make it inside due to the big queue, so instead we sat in the café opposite and took in the view from there, with the sound of birds nearby and a cool glass of fresh lemonade. It was a wonderful place to visit and well worth the time. Bit of a spoiler alert, but we preferred it to Bran’s Castle, which we'll tell you about another time.

Afterward leaving Peles castle we continued on the road to Brasov and we'll talk about that in the next post. We also hit our first bit of traffic of the trip - how exciting!

Proof that there is sometimes traffic in Romania (but never without a lovely view to distract you!)

Since living with Woof in Brighton, Dave has a real soft spot for huskies.

Even the cafe was charming!

For the petrolheads out there, check out the horsepower on these badboys!