Buzau and Mud Volcanoes!

Just a short one today about a wonderful day we had driving the scenic roads around Buzau. It was the second best day we had for scenery in Romania (after the Transfagaran road) and the lush forests and gorgeous roads made for a real spectacle.

We were heading from Brasov to the Danube Delta, but factored in a stop at a mud volcano in Berca. There were two main volcano sites and they were equally great and both worth visiting. I’ve never seen terrain like this in real life and the photos can't paint a full picture, with the faint smell of sulphur in the air. The smell wasn't that noticable after a while, but Katie did have a headache by the time we left!

There were areas of wet mud that bubbled with hydrogen sulphide and then places with dried mud that gave way a bit under the weight of your foot, like a spongy trampoline. The contrast in scenery was delightful. These volcanoes added key minerals to the soil, making the area so lush and fertile.

The final part of the drive flattened out and this day really highlighted the variety in environments across Romania. It was a long day on the road but totally worth it!

Join us next time for a trip around the Danube Delta!