Weird & Wonderful: São Paulo

It's been sometime since we have posted a weird & wonderful together. The world hasn't become more normal though, we promise.

The coolest dog in the world

Piranha Fish to eat! If they have fed on a human before, does that make you a cannibal?

Testicles. My favourite snack.

Afro-Brazil museum contained an exhibit of famous people with multi-cultural heritage

This crossing was in Liberdade. Remind you of anything in Shibuya?

Naughty Graffiti

Super cute old-school post box for bread and milk

This was some slightly threatening graffiti we stumbled across while aimlessly wandering the streets

We felt really at home at the Gay Pride parade!

The pedestrian signals were changed all over town to represent the nearby famous monuments!

Beer is served super gelado! It sometimes contains ice crystals!