The Weird and The Wonderful: Korean Food

During our time here in Korea, we have seen and eaten a huge variety of things. We have witnessed some very unusual ways of doing things and had our minds boggled on more than one occasion. This post shows a montage of some of the weird and wonderful culinary creations we have come across. I originally wrote this with the photos divided under the headings "weird" and "wonderful" but then realised it was too hard to decide where to put things. So you can make your own mind up as to which you think each is...

Korean salads took us a long time to get used to. Dressings are
often fruit flavoured and yoghurty, and as you can see here,
cherry tomatoes are treated like the fruit they are.
A typical Korean Thanksgiving gift for a loved one.
12 tins of tuna and 4 tins of "Luncheon meat" (Spam)
And check out the bargain! Buy 10 boxes, get 1 free!
Your Mum doesn't like tuna? No problem! Skip the
fish and go for the simple 9-pack of "Richam" spam.
Another great deal - buy 5, get 1 free.
Spam for the whole family!
It's not too clear but you see the yellow thing the girl is carrying?
A 2-foot bag of crisps! She was just walking along, munching away.
I will definitely miss the huge bags of snacks they sell here.
I know this had already been written about but
I thought it deserved mentioning again -
this was the infamous (and tasty!) dog soup.
Tiny bananas! You can see mandarins above
and a grape to the left for comparison - so cute!
Steamed squid stuffed with rice.
Apparently they are as appetising as they look!
A huge banquet for 5 people!
This is 95% side dishes, 5% stuff we ordered.
 Walking along the street one night we saw the following, 
in the space of 200 metres...
Not 1...
...not 2...
...but 3 crab vans!
Who needs access to that many steamed crabs?!
Dave's favourite pork-snack-drink-combo.
The future of hand-free dining.
Whole, deep-fried birds of some kind.
What I imagine to be the same birds, raw, opened,
and stuffed with some weird berries or something.
Too cute! Although Super Hans wouldn't be happy.
"Pint of Guinness please. No logo on the foam".
Scallops that we bought in Jagalchi Market...
Prepared and cook within minutes, along with some huge shrimp.
And a couple of yummy fish.
Dave, eating a fish eye.
Raw beef with onions and a raw egg. Not half bad!
The taste of summer. I grew to love these ice noodles
but Dave still hates them. Either way, eating them is
a weird experience that I highly recommend.