The Weird and The Wonderful: Japan

Here is a collection of photos we took of the slightly bizarre side of Japan...

"Pungency" - Not the best name for a drink

Beware: Alien Child Snatchers
Transporting Fluid Along a River
Made of Plastic Bottles
Tap for Quick Rinse that also fills the Cistern
Bitch-Tits Buddha

Funky Ladders
Mini-House in Bamboo Forest

Please give your seat to anyone with
a broken heart - how considerate
Bus locator at 90% of bus stops

My first look at the Asus Transformer

Huge Bike Shed

PASCO BREAD! (sorry about the face!)
This place was a bit fancy for our liking.
It's a man!
I love a bit of aubergine

"Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Pizza"
"Brownie and Marshmallow Pizza"
Check out those balls
I found Wally!
Where's Wally?? Answer in Comments please.

My love of lamp posts continues
Strawberry & Cream Sandwich

A big room with men playing board games

Ricky Gervais
The Deadly Fugu!
Sink that has tap, soap and dryer - all automatic!

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