We arrived in Tokyo and both of us had suffered at the hands of the evil night bus and its sinister plan of not making us sleep well. As with the first time I was in Tokyo, I got struck with man flu and became a tired, grumpy, sick old man in one of the most exciting cities a westerner can dream about – perfect.

As this was our second time to Tokyo and both of us were tired, we decided to take it easy and use this time to recuperate, book some more buses, and wander about aimlessly rather than desperately rushing to see all the sights we had already been to.

One place we did not make it to the first time though was the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building near Shinjuku, so we decided to head there. These Gotham styled towers looked like something straight out of the new Batman.
I would have to say that going up this building is a 'must-do' because it is free (a rare commodity in Japan) and the view from the top is fantastic. We were launched up by a lift that went faster than a time-travelling Delorian and in the distance we could see what we’d be experiencing the next day -  Mount Fuji.
The white thing that looks like cloud = Fujisan!

Besides Shinjuku, we went back to the Shibuya area to hunt out some Japanese teenagers in costumes and to experience those delightful diagonal crossings.
I do love a good aubergine!
In case it isn't clear - this is a man.
Saw some dancing Japanese girls as well - win!
We couchsurfed again in Tokyo and a big shout out to Morteza and Nasrin – a generous and kind Iranian couple who we had an absolute blast with. 
Nasrin taught me how to make a traditional Iranian called Gheihem - delish! David was really please when we were woken by an earthquake in the morning, as he had always wanted to experience one, and Morteza, being the lovely man he is, came to check we were ok and not too freaked out once everything stopped shaking.
The biggest bike garage ever!
We don’t have too much more to say about our Tokyo visit because we felt we had done most of it the last time we were there and we only had a few hours either side of our visit to Lake Kawaguchiko to see Mt Fuji. So join us soon to experience the delights of Mt Fuji!’

Woo! No night bus this post.