Trujillo (Road Trip Day 7)

Welcome to Trujillo! This town is very close to Cáceres, which we told you about last week. If you're in the area, both towns can be seen in the same day and we highly recommend them, as does UNESCO.

Trujillo was the final stop on the road trip we did in December, which we've been writing about for the last few weeks, and it was the perfect way to end a fantastic holiday.

Much like Cáceres, Trujillo's wealth historically came from the conquistadors who first went to the Americas and brought back riches. The main town square has a beautiful church and a statue of one of the conquistadors on horseback. 

With its rich history, walking around this town is like a trip back in time. There are lots of old churches, surrounded by old cobbled streets and views of the surrounding fields and hills. There's a lot to see and explore in the town and we really enjoyed our time there. If you'd like to explore it with us, check out our 360 video and join us as we wander the streets!

The main attraction in Trujillo is the castle, Alcazaba, which is situated at the highest point in the town. It was built by the Moors between the ninth and twelfth century, and the striking structure is the first thing you see when driving into the town.

This Moorish stone fortress has eight towers and a horseshoe arch. It's a beautiful castle and although we didn't pay to go inside, we really enjoyed wandering round the outside and taking in the views.

As we've mentioned in previous posts, once again none of the Christmas lights were turned on! Electricity is expensive in Spain, but why have them if you're not going to turn them on? By this point it was 9th December, so what were they waiting for?

Lights or not, as the sun began to set at the end of another wonderful day of exploring, we contemplated our time on the road with James and Emily. We had a fantastic time visiting Toledo, Salamanca and Béjar. The historical towns of Cáceres and Trujillo exceeded our expectations. And of course, there was the craziness of Los Escobazos. This festival will stay with us for a long time, especially since the smell of smoke won't wash out of our clothes!

You can watch our 360 videos about all of these places and more on YouTube, Facebook, SamsungVR, Littlstar and VeeR.

And that brings us to the end of this trip. Thank you James and Emily for being brilliant travel companions, we had a wonderful time and we hope you did too!

The central plaza was pretty big and housed most of the (unilluminated) decorations!

Including this nativity scene that, to be fair, was more accurate without electric lighting!

Jamily leading the way as usual!

From the castle you could see more ruins below in the fields

Let's play "Spot the Posers"!

Can you see Emily?

James is a bit less subtle!