The End of our #LasFallasVR Mission

Blimey, I'm tired!

Katie and I are creating free 360 VR videos and we just ended a massive three week mission to capture the carnage of Carnaval in Cadiz and Las Fallas in Valencia. These two Spanish festivals are wild and not the safest place for a 360 camera!

We haven't released the videos from Carnaval yet, but we shared Las Fallas more or less as it happened. This festival is more captivating than Rio Carnaval in my opinion (I've been to both twice and love both!)

Using #LasFallasVR, we created 16 experiences over three weeks for anyone with a headset (headphones recommended as well) to immerse themselves in a REAL LIFE series of events that ended this week.

This is where I believe the strength of 360 video lies. I truly believe it offers viewers the opportunity to experience something new, or to get a peek into their past. Sometimes it's a nostalgic experience (like a wedding)… Other times it's an experience you never thought you'd have.

Las Fallas can now be added to the library of experiences on offer. You can feel like you are part of the festival, as our videos immerse you in the festival.

Get a quick taste of the festival, by starting with the experience from this week's closing ceremony. It involves burning 700 structures around the city in a series of escalating fires.

You can dance to the music and soak up the atmosphere of the opening ceremony!

We have a comedic documentary from last year (in English, Spanish, and Valenciano) that really immerses you in the festival! You can experience this three-week celebration in just 24 minutes.

You can observe our favourite structures (Fallas) from 2019 while listening to the constant firecrackers that are the soundtrack to the festival.

You can feel the pounding of the Mascleta, which is an INCREDIBLY LOUD firecracker display that occurs every day for 19 days and blows your ears off!

You can trip to Pink Floyd or Michael Jackson while watching a psychedelic light show.

I'm linking to our YouTube channel but our videos are also available on Facebook 360, VeeR, SamsungVR, Littlstar and Vimeo. We do this so as many people as possible can enjoy on our experiences!

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, as we have very few followers on this platform and it's the only one that allows monetisation (man gotta eat and I ain't on a fruit ninja diet!)

As I said, it's been a lot of work producing his content for the VR community and we're grateful for all the love (especially this!)

From Friday, we're back to our travel VRlog with a series that culminates in a trip to another wild fire festival in western Spain.

Please let us know what you think about our 360 content (yes, it's mono…) We're desperate for feedback so we can improve and give people what they want.

TLDR: Experience the mad burning of intricate artwork at Las Fallas festival in 360 VR. Start here and please subscribe!