It's been a while since we last blogged, but this is because we've been busy making 360 VR content. We have been travelling around Spain, and releasing a new VR experience EVERY FRIDAY. It takes a lot of work to keep this up but we're having a great time and getting lots of support, which we hope will keep growing. We've got over 3000 subscribers on SamsungVR now!

This post is all about Las Fallas - a festival which is dominating the city of Valencia this month. If you have to learn a bit about the history of the festival, you can read our previous blog post here OR you can watch some of the 360 VR content on any of our channels (VeeR, Facebook, YouTube, SamsungVR, Littlstar)

The festival is now well underway and the city is building up to the main five days, which start this Friday (15th March).

What is Las Fallas about?

Las Fallas is all about explosions, parties, and celebrating Valencian culture. We discuss a bit about the history and its recently awarded status as a UNESCO World Heritage Event in this 360 piece.

We bloody love the craziness and carnival atmosphere that consumes the minds and lives of everyone in the city…

Which is why we created #LasFallasVR to share the festival virtually with anyone interested, wherever they are in the world.


Feel the pounding and outrageous noise of the Mascleta - explosions that occur every day at 2pm for nearly three weeks. They have even started doing a midnight Mascleta this year!

Immerse yourself in the awesome fireworks from unusually close vantage points, without the risk of being injured.

Be dazzled by psychedelic light shows set to music by Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson!

Explore the monumental structures called Fallas in our documentary, Las Fallas 360 (English, Spanish, Valenciano) or wait for the release of our new experience on 22nd March, which will capture the spectacle of 2019's creations.

We're creating these experiences to experiment in VR and show the potential that 360 filming of live events has.

So strap on a headset and enjoy Las Fallas with us!

Photo from: www.valenciabonita.es/2019/03/06/falla-en-realidad-virtual/