Weird and Wonderful 2018

Interesting fishy sculpture

Utilising the facilities at Sagunto castle...

Would you trust cretin with your electricity?

A lovely painted house in Tarragona

We always love weird mannequins!

Old Butcher's Street. The perfect place to buy old meat...

A dried cod shop in Bilbao... mmm delicious.

Katie is a bit of a bimbo!

XXL eggs! I couldn't eat five of these for breakfast!

An absolutely huge marrow in Bilbao's Ribeira market

The never ending Bilbao signs at the top of Artxanda mountain.
The middle one says Bilbo for some reason...

#360Dave at large in a park!

The Basque alphabet apparently has a few extra letters!!

We found this terrifying wolf in the middle of an otherwise quaint gift shop

What's that in your backpack, Mr Cyclist?

Oh of course, it's a pug!

We found this interesting painting in the Altamira museum

WARNING: If you accidentally order your hot chocolate "fuerte" (strong),
you will need to eat it with a spoon!

And finally, the flavour combo you never knew you wanted - coffee and coke!
But you know what? It kind of works.