Weird & Wonderful: Norway

We were based in Bergen and did day trips from there around the surrounding fjords and glaciers, which we discussed in a previous post. The city of Bergen is beautiful, despite there not being too much to see. An afternoon or day is more than enough to get a good feel for the city. We took the funicular up Floyen, rather than hiking, and got a great view of the city. It was cold, wet, and overcast but we still got treated to a nice view. Not a blog worthy photo though.

The old town of Bergen has brightly coloured houses and some interesting shops to peruse. There is an upscale fish market, which was very fancy and miles away from the alien infested Jagalchi market in Busan.

There was very little about our trip that would constitute weird, and there was a whole lotta wonderful instead. We really tried to keep photos to a minimum in our previous posts but wanted to share the beauty with you so, aside from a handful of weirdness, this post is a collection of our favourite photos from the trip. Enjoy.

For some reason, when we landed there was a little bit of doubt in our minds that we were in the right place.

Lots of trees in Bergen city centre had been "yarn bombed"

Yarn bombing with a view!

The birds of Bergen have to crack this puzzle to find the bag that actually has food in it!

We hardly saw anyone in Norway to be honest, but apparently the men dress like detectives in 1930s New York

Does a stuffed owl count as weird? Probably not. This roadside cafe was too quaint and cosy to be weird!

Ok this hilltop troll was definitely weird. And so were the mean tweets he sent me after we left.

Oh and of course the tunnels were weird, with their roundabouts and disco lighting!

And driving through the longest tunnel in the world definitely felt weird. At times my mind played tricks on me and it felt more like we were falling down a hole than driving through a tunnel. Very freaky.

This is apparently Norway's biggest rock. It's over 10,000 years old, is 30 metres high and has a volume of over 25,000 cubic metres, weighing around 65,000 tonnes. The rock itself isn't weird, but the fact that it was marked as a place of touristic interest and had a plaque detailing its history was somewhat odd. I's a rock.

And of course there's this weirdly wonderful human being.

And now for the beauty. We'll ease you into it with some pictures of Bergen before blowing your minds with fjords, mountains and waterfalls.