Piss Off You Nantes

After our great evening in Bordeaux, we thought we'd revisit the same parts of the city in the morning. After seeing the city in its warm orange glow at night, it was disappointing in the cold grey light of day. Some of the magic was gone.

It also doesn’t help that the view of every site was disturbed by a white van.

I realised as we were leaving that we had brought cheap red wine from Spain into Bordeaux. I feel like this should be against the law, along with the baguette we had also taken across the border. Fuck free movement. 

Anyway, we escaped Bordeaux and headed to Rochefort because they have a cheese named after them (got this wrong, different city). There wasn’t too much to do. A small quaint town with some now standard French architecture. We were already growing complacent towards the beauty.

La Rochelle was twenty minutes away and was super gorgeous. A port town with imposing towers and winding, arching streets.

Definitely could have stayed in La Rochelle longer, but it was one of the old in-out, in-outs, so off we went. This was turning into a quickie tour around France, as we barely stayed anywhere longer than six hours. I felt like a right travel slut. But this was more about getting the van back to the UK than healing my travel self esteem.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice was how many people buy baguettes. I know it's perhaps obvious or a stereotype but by god, it's true. I saw hundreds of people carrying baguettes. 

After leaving La Rochelle, we spotted some interesting things on the way to Nantes. One thing I didn't get a photo of was the plethora (at least a dozen) of houses being transported on the back of a truck. These wide loads straddled the two lanes and added an element of danger to tight turns.


We arrived in Nantes at night and we only had that evening to spend there, before moving on. It was going to be another quickie but Rhys and I had become very talented at such things.

Nantes was stunning! The orange-lit squares were beautiful and the castle was the highlight of the city. Wowsers! 

There was just something about this city and the night we had there that was special and definitely not gay. We ended up at a busy (not-gay) bar where we drank and enjoyed the company of the young-uns in the city.

Love this statue!

Cathedral and Market

Park in Bordeaux

Bordeaux without a van