Weird & Wonderful: Italy

Weird and Wonderful is back with an ecletic collection of oddities found on our trip to Italy, starting with Chinese Ronnie Corbett.

Chinese Ronnie Corbett
Arsenal 'til I die

Attractive statues

Sexual preducker

World's largest fusbol table!

Some really tiny, intricate furtiture

This is one hench horse. Must be on steroids!

Marzipan delights!

Very bizarre mannequin in a sex shop

Don't jump!

A wall of chewing gum

Katie's namesake boat

Disabled lake access - never seen this before

A ship after my own heart

There's a lot more of these to come! We love 'em!

Paolo printed us a photo of this bus stop to helps us find it. I guess we look that stupid.

How lovely.

Emilia Romagna - home to a delicious collection of things!

Sean Connery Private Investigator...

What a cute railing

Mamma mia pizzeria!!

I'm a Pacman!
Jesus Christ!

Very cute post/bread delivery box

Poor Billy No-Legs

Say cheese!

Funky door knob

Like something out of the Labyrinth

Yup, more road signs!

Interesting war monument in Rome

The beauty of scaffolding!

These Romulus Remus statues were EVERYWHERE

Coolest policemen ever!