A New Start

And breathe. 

It's been over two years since our last blog post. Rio feels like a distant memory. South Korea feels like a forgotten dream, with the blog being the fading recall during your morning tooth brushing. Except the blog doesn't fade, it acts as an anchor in time of our thoughts, fears, and actions during many transformative experiences. 

Well, the blog's back so guess what? We're about to embark on another trans experience.

Most of our friends and family know we are moving to Valencia, Spain. Why? In the words of the dude who climbed Everest, "Because it's there". Also we're taking back control of free movement before Brexit removes our freedoms to take back control.

What will we be doing? Well we were supposed to be arriving jobless but Katie is too efficient and has landed a job before we landed a foot on Spanish soil, so she'll be teaching English. I will not be working. Well, I will not be being paid for any work. No, I am not volunteering but I am attempting to make a dream a reality and test my own entrepreneurial skills. More details to follow once things are a bit more real and a little less fantastical.

One thing's for sure though - Blog of the Morning Calm is back! So expect posts on all things Spanish, as well as some of our other travels that we haven't shared with you yet. You see, I have been writing blogs on all our holidays for the last five years, waiting for a time to post my insights, rambles, and snaps from around the world. I'll be using this platform to relive our hols, flex my writing muscle, and build up rapport with the virtual world. So take a deep breath and get ready. This shit just got professional.