Special Edition 200th Post!

Can you believe it? 200 posts! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we thought we'd share something that will surely make you all green with envy. Because after all, what is this blog if not a way to show off how much fun we're having on our amazing travels?

Do you remember the video David made of his tiny flat in Korea? If not, you should definitely watch it again (here!) because it really is hilarious how small it was! And to think we both stayed there when my family visited for two weeks! 

Anyway, our current living situation is quite different to that in Korea. By now you all know we live in Rio by the beach but since we'll sadly be leaving before anyone has the chance to visit, we made a video to show just how fantastic our current situation is. I tried to edit it down to a reasonable length but it's still a little long - stick with it though, it's worth it for the machete skills at the end!