The Long Way Home

After leaving Korea, having been to Japan and China, we spent 5 months finding our way home. We visited Taiwan, The Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Borneo, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. It had been a long trip and there was a sadness that it was now ending.

The journey home started with a flight from Chiang Mai to Kuala Lumpur. Our flight home from KL had been cancelled because AirAsiaX has stopped their flights to London. They had moved us to a different airline with an earlier flight time, meaning we had to arrive in KL a day earlier. I had tried numerous times to contact AirAsia and arrange some compensation because it meant we would have to fork out for a hotel in KL rather than just get a connecting flight. They did not reply…numerous times.

Upon arriving at KL airport we went to the help desk and explained our situation. We were informed immediately that there was a four-star hotel, complete with golf course and swimming pool, waiting for us and we had free airport pickup and drop-off. We had been concerned we would be spending the 15 hour layover on an airport bench so this was absolutely golden news!
One of the nicest rooms we stayed in on our trip with
THE BEST shower Katie had ever had!
After a short swim, we went down for our courtesy free buffet dinner…You could say we took full advantage.
Round 1: Salad, soup, sushi, and bread
Round 2: Ceasar salad, squid, prawns, potatoes, and meat!
Round 3: Lamb, lobster, ham, turkey, etc
Round 4: Cake and coffee
Round 5: More cake and coffee and some healthy fruit
There wasn’t much more to do than have a lovely shower and get some sleep… waking up in time for a buffet breakfast!
A few hours later we were aboard our 14 hour flight back and were inundated with even more food, courtesy of Malaysia Airlines. It was a very comfortable flight where we watched a lot of films and reminisced about the good times.
It had been an unbelievable 17 months full of highlights, a few struggles, the odd accident, and it all ended on an absolute high in Thailand. All this, plus a super freebie at the end, had ensured that we made it back safe and sound, eager to travel again soon. But first it was time for some much missed cider.
Cider time! 
Katie got asked for ID when we ordered!