Thailand In My Mouth

The Curries
White curry. Like your typical Thai curry but with absolutely
no chilli - what's the point?! It was a bowl of coconut milk.
Right: Green curry.  This is usually quite mild, but for some 
reason this particular green curry was fiery hot. 
Dead good though.
Yellow curry. Next step up on the heat scale. Flavours were 
still the same and since we got each one from a different place
the chilli situation wasn't really comparable. Quite hot though.
Red curry. Supposedly the hottest, but in all honesty I 
started to lose track. They were all lovely and fragrant but 
it was hard to really notice a big difference between them 
(apart from the white, which was rubbish).
Here's another red curry that Dave had, with squid instead of
the usual chicken. Apparently it worked well and I am a big
fan of the tiny pea aubergines that were used in this one.
Massaman curry - my favourite. Deep flavours and a rich
sauce, which was great with the potatoes and chicken/beef.
Penang curry, which was mild and sweet, with a thin sauce
and was served with a dead cute bear shaped pile of rice.
Three curries that I can't remember the names of, from a
restaurant we stumbled across in Chiangmai that claimed to 

serve "The Best Curries in Town" - not bad, but apparently
not so memorable. Dave thought they were excellently delish!
The Rest
Thai green papaya salad, which wasn't bad but nothing like
I expected - it was tangy but not at all spicy.
Pad Thai: the traditional, Thai street food dish of noodles,
chicken/prawns and veg. Simple, and delicious.
A fancy platter of meats and veg, with a spicy, fishy dip.
This was from a highly rated restaurant, but sadly the food 

was overpriced and disappointing.
We didn't try them - we've eaten enough 
weird stuff this year, don't you think?
Lovely spicy salad with tofu and star fruit.
Tangy and sweet with a kick - yum!
Khao Soy - a lovely curryish noodle and chicken soup.
Sweet and sour chicken with loads of veggies. Really tasty.
Street food in Pai. Pizza & lasagna that looked and tasted fab.
The only time I've ever known Dave to order a meat-free meal!
Marinated tofu steak with a mushroom sauce. He loved it!
An unexpected free feast on the night-train to Chiangmai:
Curry, rice, pork dumpling, cake and green tea jelly!
More food than we could manage. Chiangmai sausage salad,
Thai fish cakes and sweet & sour chicken. Delicious!
Spicy Chiangmai sausage on stick.
Yellow watermelon shake (not as nice as red).
 If I'd eaten this on the first day, I wouldn't have had anything
else the whole time! Sweet, coconutty rice with mango. WOW!
A banana, rolled in cake and covered in chocolate and nuts.
Eat your heart out George Michael Bluth!