Business in Korea is like dinner with my brother – it’s competitive and you’ll do anything to win. Who can eat the most pigs in blankets? Who can stuff themselves then one hour later, be ready for a sandwich? Who can throw up first? Well business in Korea is no different.

It’s a Korean eat dog world out there, and if your business doesn’t cut it, you’ll go under faster than a Japanese seaside town.

So what do you do to gain a competitive edge in this market? There are mobile phone shops on every corner, a convenience store on either side of every shop and a man selling something out a van everywhere you turn.

Well some shops have taken to the challenge and started to give away freebies with their items. Picture yourself about to buy a 24 month mobile phone plan and phone on a Saturday night at 11pm (they are open until about midnight – who knows why?) and you aren’t quite decided on the contract. What can tip you over the edge and get your signature?
Coffee. It is night time after all so some coffee might be just what the doctor ordered. Don’t want coffee, how about . . .
A free pack of cling film - that’s gotta be the clincher.

Me: “I’m not convinced by the cost of calls on this price plan and the handset isn’t the exact one I wanted.”
Salesman: “Did I mention that you get a WHOLE box of cling film?”
Me: “Where do I sign?”

Innovation in business strategy is not usual in Korea, they are much more likely to see your idea and copy it for themselves. I’m starting to sound like Sir Lord Spur’s scum Alan Sugar with all this business chat... Anyway the next mobile phone shop made a slightly better offer than cling film.
Noodles and kitchen roll, that’s related to me buying a new phone :s
I don’t know who is in charge of their sales strategy but this technique really isn't in just one or two stores. Here’s another one:
Now you can have some fabric conditioner. The shop opposite, not to be outdone, then gave away this:

Fabric conditioner for the ladies, the tissues for the man. What more could you ask for?

Well you could throw in some kitchen roll and surface cloths. That’s what the other phone shop did! Definitely the deal I have been hunting around for. Or is it?

Moisturisers and creams. You had me at annyeong. Meanwhile by the cling film shop, another rival store plans to steal some business with this crazy idea.

Well, that’s sold me! Noodles, kettle and a hoover. I can make noodles using water in the kettle then clean up the mess with the hoover. I can then use the phone to call all my friends up and tell them about my incredible purchase.

Hope you enjoyed the new feature – more to come soon!