The snack vans are dead...

Long live the clothing van. It’s been all about the land fish van, the herb van and the protein wet dream van. Now this week, we are going to explore the clothing van. I find these incredibly helpful as you never know when you might need a spare t-shirt on those hot sticky summer days.
We’ve all had the bad dream where we’ve been walking somewhere and suddenly realised that we are naked and need to cover our shame. Fear not people! Because in Korea, they are so frightened by this very concept, they have decided to place vans that sell everything you would need to cover up your wobbly bits. For instance the t-shirt van will hide those manboobs you have from eating all those fried snacks and chicken feet.
The sock van will not only help protect your feet but also provides you with a vital aid for a man when he needs to cover up his dangly bits.
This van not only provides socks but tights. For all you wannabe superheroes and Robin Hood impersonators out there, Korea is the country for you! Imagine Clark Kent leaving the house without his Superman outfit, well he could just buy some more tights and make a makeshift superhero outfit. Actually that’s just stupid; he can easily fly home at super speed and get his own costume – so why does the tights van exist?
The cap van that buzzes around town sure is cool. I think he should also sell sunglasses but maybe I’m just crazy – you’ve got a market, stick to it. It’s a shame he doesn’t do the Robin Hood style hats cos then, with the tights, you could really complete the Kevin Costner Prince of Thieves look when you have forgotten an outfit to the fancy dress party. Note to self: Stop mentioning Kevin Costner in the blog.

Well after this van, I’m starting to think if I did wonder the streets naked and could only wear what I found in van, I would be getting closer and closer to becoming a drag queen. Fully fitted with tights, head bands, earrings, and necklaces – Me and Eddie Izzard would be ready to hit the town.
If all else did fail, I guess you could always wrap yourself up in seaweed.
See you soon...