The ice cream van is dead...

...Long live the healthy snack van! I have yet to see an ice cream van in my 6 weeks in Korea but have come across a multitude of healthier alternatives. I’m on a mission from God to photograph every type of van I encounter and am still missing a van I saw on one of my first nights that would be the crรจme de la crรจme of vans (to be revealed when I have a photo). So without further ado and French sayings, I give you the fruit selling van.
I came across this beauty on my walk to the gym – he seems to focus his time on strawberries. The next fruit van I came across was opposite this first van. Having a rival van opposite seems a bit silly. Do they follow each other round all day stealing each other’s clients or are they more friendly, swapping fruits and exchanging preservation ideas? Here’s a photo.
This van focussed on apples and oranges for the lower level of clientele. My own personal protein wet dream is next (aren’t all wet dreams protein based?) That’s right, it’s the egg van!
I wonder if on Halloween if the sales of eggs to youths drastically rise and whether pumpkin vans will start popping up everywhere. I love the egg van because as a daily egg eater, it is good to know that a supply is always circling my local area. How about a popped snacks van?
This little beauty makes and sells everything from popcorn to poprice (puffed rice)… Okay so not much variety then. Yet check out the volume of produce they make!

Last but not least is the herb van.
This van sells a variety of herbs for cooking unlike the herbs sold by Engrand’s ice cream vans, which have an entirely different purpose.

I hope you enjoyed this Friday van blog treat.  ์•ˆ๋…•ํžˆ๊ณ„์„ธ์š”