Foztastic Nature in Iguaçu

Last post we idolised the waterfalls of Foz do Iguaçu and I declared it to be the most breathtaking place I have seen. But in reality I was only telling half the story (okay, maybe two thirds). The trip wasn’t just about the waterfalls, it was also about the wildlife and in particular the birds and butterflies.

However before we tell you about with these wonderful creatures, we realised we forgot to show you a video of the falls. So here are a couple to whet your appetite and hopefully inspire you to visit this wonderland.

Okay, is your mind blown yet? The never-ending micro-explosions of water are something to behold in person. My only gripe with the devil’s throat was how busy it was. I would love to work there and go after-hours to just sit and take it all in on my own. That would be life changing.

Anyway, enough talking as this is once again going to be more of a visual treat than a verbal one. So sit back, scroll down, and enjoy some of the beautiful animals we saw whilst visiting the national park and nearby bird park.

Headless Flamengo

The first toucan of the trip

Look honey, it's a macaw!

Grey crowned crane - I love their funky feather hair!

This little fella was fast asleep

This is a horned screamer, a bird we briefly saw but didn't manage to snap in the Amazon!

Harpy eagle, bloody huge!

It's like they are all standing at a bird urinal!

I'm really going to miss hummingbirds

This tucan was out in the wild!

Supermoon Blood Moon

I bet you'd forgotten how much of a butterphile David is! 

This cheeky fella was shedding his skin right in front of us!

This catfish was about a metre long and swimming just upstream from the huge falls