Shanghai Snacks and Beijing Bevvies

As promised, here is the second instalment of my Chinese food blog. This one is dedicated to all of the weird and wonderful snacks and drinks we enjoyed (or not) during our trips.


First street food, in Shangers. I had grilled aubergine, Dave had
mystery meat on a stick. Lots of bones in the meat but not bad.
Served to us by a guy who looked like he belonged in a film
about Chinese martial arts gangs or something!
Bike power! Fried noodles on the back of a bike - didn't try
them but there were a lot of different types to choose from.
Dave eating a kebab in snack street. Nothing weird. Just a kebab.
Dumplings! We ate them for breakfast every day in Beijing.
These were standard pork ones that we took to eat in a park.
No idea what this was but it was delicious.
Potato, meat, crispy tofu coating?
Spicy and amazing, I want more!
Green tea ice cream oreos...I thought they were mint and was
very disappointed but I suppose they weren't that bad.
BOURBONS! What a find! Sadly most of them were eaten
by the mouse in our hostel room...
Pot noodles. Nothing special, we are used to them
in Korea. However, Dave's came with 4 different
sachets of flavour to add! 2 powders, 1 paste and
1 packet of dried veggies etc.
"Walkers" in China has various categories of crisps.
These were "Cool & Refreshing" - Lemon Tea Flavour!
Tasted just like lemon tea, which was very odd.
"Intense & Stimulating"
Numb & Spicy Hot Pot Flavour. Nothing special.
I think the dude in the corner is famous.
"Cool & Refreshing"
Blueberry Flavour! I'm not a fan of blueb's and so
since the flavour was pretty accurate, I gave them a miss.
They were as weird as you'd imagine really.
"Cool & Refreshing"
Cucumber Flavour.
These were...odd. I feel they had potential
but they kind of tasted like slightly off cucumber
and reminded me of soggy sandwiches. We bought
them at the airport in an attempt to spend our very last
pennies before we got on the plane...
The crisps still left us with change so at the very last minute we
bought this little snack-feast from a vending machine, right before
we boarded the plane. Challenge completed! Less than 1p left!


Coco, how I miss thee! I think this was one of our very first
drinks in Shanghai and we definitely hit the jack-pot. The shop
sold various cold milk-based drinks (tea, coffee, chocolate) that
you could enhance to create the most amazing beverage ever.
There were 2 different jellies you could add - vanilla pudding
or coffee - as well as tapioca pearls. The milk tea had a chai/char
like flavour and I became addicted. Everyday I would nag Dave
to help me hunt one down but to my horror, they only seemed
to exist in Shanghai! Even with our last pennies,
I tried to negotiate a final taste of Coco heaven.
Luckily, the train journey we bought the water for
wasn't one of the long ones, or we would have be
screwed. It was the end of our trip and we decided
to buy the cheapest bottle of water we could find.
It tasted like vodka. We didn't drink it.
We saw people everywhere drinking these. They looked like
clay pots with a cloth lid on. It was shockingly expensive and
was just really sweet plain yoghurt. Wish I'd bought a Coco.
So, there you have it. All of the culinary delights and frights of our trip. 

Coming up next we have an account, or two, of our trip to Tokyo last month - don't miss it!