Sweating up Jangsan

One weekend not too long ago, we took the bold step of hiking Jangsan mountain. I say bold because in June, the humidity is so high, it makes everyone look like the guy from Airplane!

Still can't believe Leslie Nelson is dead :(
It's also bold because of all the dangers that are present when hiking. Luckily there were some helpful posters that probably saved our lives.

Watch out for axe murderers. Beware of your wives cooking.  Danger, the trees fight back. Warning, drunk singing can cause deafness.
We went with our Canadian friend Tom and a Korean student called Jay. It was a fun, sweaty few hours trying to find the peak but instead coming across restaurants, military bases and minefields.

Towards the top, we started to struggle and began feeling as though our legs were on fire, much like London circa 1666...or 2011. But the leg pain was worth it, as when we reached the top we were greeted with the most spectacular views. Photos cannot do it justice, but here are some anyway.

Over and out.